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Moscow, Russia
Cell phone: +7 (977) 839-01-00
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Moscow, Russia
Born in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from Moscow State Law Academy (MSLA), master's thesis "The principle of adversariality in civil procedural law." During my studies at the law academy I have worked in the field of international transportation as a project coordinator, then worked as an lawyer's assistant in the Moscow's Bar association "MGKA". In 2010 passed the bar exam and acquired attorney status, established my own small law office. Now I am a member of a bigger law firm "Pro and Contra". My total work experience in the legal profession is over 12 years.
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Hint: To obtain status of an attorney a person must poses higher legal education, obtained through a state-accredited educational program, at least 2 years of post-graduation experience in the legal profession, and no criminal record in Russia. (Article 9 of the Federal Law "On advocacy and the legal profession in the Russian Federation").
My area of expertise
For more than 12 years of legal practice, I had the honor to work with many interesting clients and handled cases in multiple courts and law areas. However, at the present time and economical situation, most of my clients turn to me for help in bankruptcy cases.
Bankruptcy cases
Legal support in bankruptcy procedures if you are debtor or creditor. Disputing of suspicious transactions in bankruptcy, bringing to subsidiary liability in bankruptcy.
Representation in courts of law (litigation), Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS) and other government bodies
Advocacy in Moscow's courts, Moscow region and courts of other regions of the Russian Federation. Representation in the Federal Antimonopoly Service.
Family disputes
Legal support and representation in divorce cases, property division disputes, disputes about children (alimony, custody and visitation, concluding agreements, obtaining consent to leave the country)
Legal support for your Business in Russia
Legal assessment of your contractors, clients and other counterparts, contracts drafting and reviewing, claims, representation at government bodies and agencies, consultations on legal issues.
Inheritance disputes
Legal support for acquiring inherited properties in Russia, even in cases when you've missed terms, inherited property division, contesting of wills, contesting of contracts and agreements made to conceal or replace the will.
Debt recovery
Legal support in debt collection cases for debtor or creditor. Loan and credit contracts.
Insurance disputes
Recovery of unpaid insurance indemnity (road accidents, water damages and etc.)
What to expect from consultation?
We will discuss your current situation, identify any unique legal challenges and provide you with an assessment and potential solutions.
Based on your needs and goals I will provide you with all viable options or solutions for your situation.
During your consultation, I will provide you with pricing that will allow you to make educated and cost-effective decision.
Consultation will provide you with my legal opinion. You are not obliged to pay any fees in case you decide not to use my help in future.
All my fees are fixed and you will be informed about them in advance. No fine print in contracts between an attorney and a client should exist.
Consultation on legal matters (Russian law)
5000 rubles. Consultation will provide you with information on viable solutions for your own personal situation, as well as step by step plan to implement solution to the real life.
Representation at the court of law
Representation in courts (Arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction for citizens). The price depends on the type of case you have, after evaluation of your legal circumstances and documents you provide. Based on factual and legal narrative I will evaluate complexity of the case and we will discuss the price. If needed. fees can be paid in installments. All the prices are reasonable.
Legal support for your business in Russia
Legal support for your business – starts from 50 000 rubles a month. Final price is based on amount and complexity of legal work. Non VAT taxable.
My commitment
I keep myself constantly updated on changes in legislation and court practice.
I am constantly improving my skills, as it is a must to achieve positive case results.
From the first attempt
I prepare documents and legal position to resolve the situation and achieve required goal from the first attempt in the court of First Instance.
No surprises
I discuss all documents and legal position with my client in advance to eliminate any surprises. If situation changes, client will be informed about it immediately.
While I am preparing legal position for your case, I'm using up-to-date court practice database, my own experience and experience of my colleagues. As it's important what attorney thinks, but it's way more important what the judge will think about your case.
Creative and out-of-the-box thinking
I believe every case is individual. For every, even for seemingly hopeless situation, a positive solution can be found.
I believe relationships between an attorney and a client should be based on trust and truthfulness.
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Court practice. Below you will find links to electronic copies of court rulings (in Russian). I was representing my clients as an attorney in those cases. Unlike privately practicing lawyers who are not attorneys, I have no opportunity to publish links or copies of all rulings of the courts I participated. The law "On advocacy and the legal profession in the Russian Federation" prohibits me from disclosing even the very fact that the client contacted me for legal assistance, as it is attorney-client privilege and should be kept in secret. Therefore, the links below are just some of the judicial acts, which are published with client's permission. The personal data of the participants has been deleted.
My contact details
Phole: +7 (977) 839-01-00 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
E-mail: [email protected]
Adress: Russia, 101000, Moscow, Arckhangelsky lane, 9, MKA "Za & Protiv" (Pro and Contra) ground floor.

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